Food Safety

Excellent hygiene and safety
for consistently exceptional transports

We know that food hygiene-health safety is a critical requirement of transportation. That is why we focus our attention on vehicle cleaning and tank sanitization.
The compliance and care of our vehicles go hand in hand with the special food safety training regularly given to our employees.
Pizzato Trasporti has achieved the following certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001/2015
  • UNI EN ISO 22000/2018

Work Safety

Professional competence and dedication
are not at risk

A motivated and stress-free team in a protected and guaranteed environment works well. With this in mind, PizzatoTrasporti has constantly and heavily invested in guaranteeing and implementing the safety of its personnel in all areas of activity.

In particular, we have lifelines in the whole establishment.

The issue of safety in the workplace is regularly examined at meetings and training sessions.


Emissions, transport by rail, photovoltaic.
Moving towards balance

Our respect for the environment and our commitment to lower the impact of human activity on it is not just a mere statement of principle. Pizzato Trasporti translates this belief into tangible choices that can be observed in our daily operations.

  • Energy from the sun.
    The new photovoltaic system installed in our establishment supplies more than 40% of the energy required. A clean and renewable energy: we are empowered by an user-friendly and unpolluting source.
  • Rail transport.
    Where possible and for as far as possible, we prefer to transport liquid foodstuffs by railway. This allows to reduce the harmful emissions released into the atmosphere by our vehicles.
  • Reduction of Co2 emissions.
    We decided to use vehicles in compliance with Euro 6 standards to limit nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions through the use of the AdBlue solution directly availabe at the company’s fuel station.


Growing expertise, quality on delivery

The human component of Pizzato Trasporti is a key resource. The most important. And as with any item of value, we do our best to increase its value every day. From safety at work to food hygiene up to the applicable legislative framework and to the use of the newest technical equipment, we focus on our staff training specific to each area of work.