Liquid food transportation.
30 years in good and safe hands

A high degree of specialization that achieves outstanding results in the services provided, is always based on sound foundations and ambitious yet concrete plans.

This is the history of Pizzato in the field of logistics and transport of milk and liquid foodstuffs.

It started as a vocation where food represents culture, entrepreneurship, a reason for living over hundreds if not thousands of years.
The town of Bassano del Grappa located between the Venetian Prealps and the Asiago Highland offfers cattle breeding and tasty cheeses, the hills of Pove and Marostica, the Northernmost part of Europe to produce olive oil and the gentle slopes of Breganze with its selected fine wines.
Here food and people who make it share a deep mutual respect and you soon come to learn that transporting and delivering milk, whey, wine and oil is not just any job. We need to pay special care and attention. It’s the key to the final wholesomeness and goodness of raw materials and food that will be processed.

It is in these places and with this spirit that the know-how of Pizzato Trasporti has developed in the early 1980s. It started with a few tank trucks transporting whey; today it has a fleet of more than seventy tankers. It grew and developed as a benchmark for logistics and transport of liquid food for small craft enterprises and major industrial groups. Also partly thanks to the ultramodern and technologically advanced establishment opened in 2007.


Total Quality Target.
Areas of importance: Hygiene, Promptness, Reliability, Environment

The daily commitment of Pizzato Trasporti has only one goal: giving existing and future customers confidence that our company is their preferred partner for the transportation of liquid foodstuffs. Our values and priorities have been the same for 30 years.

  • Maximum safety of goods under the resposibillity of Pizzato personnel. Selection and maintenance of tank trucks, selection and training of drivers and the equipment technology are all compliant with the highest standards in the industry and are constantly updated and improved: we want to be ready and responsive to any situation that may arise.
  • Organization and reliability. We guarantee that our customers can trust us with their products. Strict and well-tested procedures, ultramodern planning, control systems and special care of vehicles ensure prompt deliveries and excellent preservation of substances.
  • We like lasting and loyal relationships and these relationships are created and evolve over time thanks to the high-level skills of the people involved as well as the technical standards of our work. An experienced, competitive and motivated team is our daily interface with every partner.


The basis of efficiency.
A forefront starting point

The precise and on time coverage of large domestic and Transalpine exchange networks requires an excellent operating hub.
Pizzato Trasporti factory is located in Bassano del Grappa, a location of high logistic and strategic value close to the border crossings of Austria and Slovenia and to the Adriatic ports. This recently opened establishment boasts high-tech equipment and cutting-edge technologies as it was designed and built for the highest efficiency, organisation and a prompt and effective assistance service to transport vehicles.
Other features which form an essential part of our effective and fast processes, include:

  • The CIP (Cleaning in Place) washing plant for the automatic cleaning and disinfection of the internal surfaces of the tanks, reservoirs and pipes by pumping special cleaning and sanitizing solutions.
  • Two diesel oil decantation tanks with a capacity of 40,000 lt. each.
  • A photovoltaic system that supplies a good part of the daily energy consumption.
  • A specially equipped area for the maintenance of vehicles run by qualified staff.
  • The water treatment plant.

In addition to a rational and high functionality, Pizzato establishment is committed to the pursuit of optimum balance in terms of environmental impact in its daily work.


Drivers and Leaders.
Improving daily, all together

First rate drivers and mobile workers. From the first to the last day of cooperation with Pizzato Trasporti.
This means a lot to our business as our relationships are sincere and longlasting, based on growth and partecipation day after day.
Starting with our drivers - an irreplaceable part of our workforce – and all the way up to the management, we have all worked together for years, with a single goal: total satisfaction for those who choose Pizzato for the logistics and transportation of liquid foodstuffs.