Driving the best:
thus quality reaches the forefront

Like every transport company, we use our own vehicles. The main instruments of our work, their technical adequacy, the way they are treated and kept in use, our care of them reveal almost everything about our view of daily commitment and obligation towards our customers.
The Pizzato Trasporti fleet currently consists of more than 70 tank trucks, to include its own vehicles and the outsourced services. All our vehicles are promptly replaced as soon as technologies, special regulations and standards relating to transport of liquid foodstuffs by road, train or ship change.
  • Today more than 80% of our fleet meets EURO 6 requirements, meaning that our vehicles meet the most up-to-date and stringent standards in terms of respect for the environment, safety, technical equipment and respect for the driver.
  • All our tanks are used for the transportation of liquid foodstuffs and are made of stainless steel with a capacity from 28,000 to 32,000 litres.
  • Tanks are insulated and suitable for the transport of milk, whey, wine, oil, juice, etc. at a controlled and constant temperature.
  • All tanks are equipped with a CIP cleaning system.
  • Each vehicle is certified and guaranteed to comply wih the tightest food hygiene standards.


People of worth,
safety and reliability always reach their destination

Even the most advanced and equipped vehicle needs a driver, especially in a sensitive sector like that of liquid foodstuff handling. Our team of drivers is made up exclusively of professionals with many years of experience, continuously trained and constantly updated. Focus, for example, is on safe driving and the use of the digital tachograph. Pizzato Trasporti drivers have been with the company for ten or twenty years. A low frequency of change is a further guarantee of reliability, integrity, commitment and operational skills enhanced and refined over time. These qualities have been repeatedly confirmed by success at “The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge 2015,” organized by Volvo, which was won again this year.


Confirmed reliability and peace of mind.

Cleaning and testing of vehicles, and a constant maintenance are our daily primary mission, meticulously carried out with cutting-edge equipment and systems.
It’s a daily commitment to our partners and the basis of a solid mutual trust.
  • We have an high-tech CIP tank cleaning and sterilizing plant controlled by extremely advanced IT systems.
  • We regularly undertake the sanitisation of our tanks and EFTCO certificates are issued each time.


Information and Hi-Tech versatility.
Mile after Mile

Maximum safety, transparency and efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art technology. All vehicles are equipped with a monitoring system (GPS) that captures their real-time position and track their route. In this way Pizzato Trasporti can provide customers with real-time information on the actual status of the transport, inform the drivers of any change in the itinerary and check delivery times so as to implement service efficiency and guarantee the integrity of products being transported.