Transporting liquid foodstuffs:
a pathway to quality

It was our first line of business and still is the core of the company life: the transport of milk, whey, wine, oil and edible liquids in general.
Pizzato Trasporti covers an extensive network of domestic and international routes, carrying out the loading and unloading of liquid foodstuffs for small dairies, local companies and major European groups in the dairy sector.
The trusting relationship between Pizzato and its partners allows us to establish and maintain longlasting relations over the years.
Thanks to our experience with major European and Transalpine interexchange networks, we are able to ensure transport and delivery at no significant extra cost.


From collection to delivery,
a well-planned route

Collecting and handling whey, milk, wine, oil or juice is not just transporting them from one place to another.
It involves a whole set of different operations that require a great deal of attention, care, experience, caution and strict organization. This means good logistics and is where Pizzato Trasporti has learnt to excel after thirty years of complete transport management.
We take care of everything, from the collection of liquid foodstuffs and transport to concentration points and subsequent collection and transport to the final destination. Accurately and zealously, by planning down to the very last detail, following, tracking and checking the whole logistic process from our headquarters, thanks to the technologically adavanced devices that our vehicles, offices and facility are equipped with.

Why Pizzato?

What makes the difference?
5 reasons to choose Pizzato Trasporti

  • 1 For over 30 years we have specialized in logistics and transport of liquid foodstuffs.
  • 2 We ensure well-known and recognized reliable services thanks to an impeccable organisation.
  • 3 We have a state-of-the-art and highly efficient fleet of EURO5 and EURO6 tank trucks.
  • 4 We are able to offer tailor-made transport solutions for all requirements in accordance with accepted international guidelines.
  • 5 An experienced, reliable and highly trained team.